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We wish to make it known that we have announced the 5th International Student Multimedia Competition on Road Safety. The aim of the Competition is for our young people to get to know the tragic consequences of a road death or disability from the Internet and, with their own initiative, create an authentic message in order to sensitize driver and reduce fatal traffic accidents.

Speed and alcohol are the main causes for road accidents. Especially speed. But alcohol, along with speed or other dangerous activities, such as talking on the cell phone – loud music, add to the situation. Alcohol may not be the main cause of the number of road accidents, but the overwhelming majority of alcohol-related accidents are fatal and the bloodiest.

We would like you to read the terms of the competition, so you could encourage your young students to participate in this competition with their own projects. For further information and to view former competitions please visit our updated website

In order for your students to participate and win, we need your help and participation in the evaluation of the projects and the award ceremony of the students.

You can submit your entries between: from Monday 6/5/2019 at 09.00 till Friday 31/1/2020 at 24.00
The audience can vote: from Saturday 1/2/2020 at 09.00 till Friday 21/2/2020 at 24.00
The judging of projects will take place: from Saturday 22/2/2020 at 09.00 till Thursday 5/3/2020 at 24.00
Winners will be announced on: on Friday 6/3/2020 at 16.00
The Award Ceremony will take place: on Friday 20/3/2020

Also view detailed pictures form the monuments of our International Victims Park

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